Leverage best-in-class location data to measure the true value of your marketing investment. Geopulse Measurement can help you close the loop by integrating in-store visitation data into your campaign performance metrics, using the best location data available.


Measure the Full Impact of Your Ad Spend

Prove the success of your cross-device and cross-channel media campaigns without relying on proxy metrics. Effectively measure the long-term impact of campaigns to show return on investment.

Improve Campaign Performance

Identify real world insights to influence and optimize your advertising campaigns mid-flight.

Understand Your Customer Journey

Gain a more complete understanding of your customers’ real world behavior by integrating offline purchases into your customer journey analysis.


Location Data You Can Trust

Accuracy and precision are critical when location data is used for measurement purposes.

Factual’s Geopulse Measurement provides real world visitation data you can trust — powered by our proprietary technology and data assets.

Unmatched Flexibility and Choice

Factual’s Geopulse Measurement provides a highly-customizable, neutral data layer for measurement — not bound to specific media, targeting, or attribution providers.

  • Customize the list of your specific locations that represent an offline conversion — to align with your specific campaign objectives.
  • Choose the level of reporting granularity that best aligns with your organization’s resources and campaign needs. Factual can deliver raw data feeds, fully packaged insights reports, and everything in-between.
  • Choose the attribution solution you prefer, according to your needs and workflow.

White-Glove Service

Factual’s team of location data experts will help you throughout the process, working directly with you to help ensure your campaign measurement initiative is set up for success.


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“We’ve built a great partnership with Factual. With the addition of comprehensive and effective cross-screen measurement, it has evolved into what we now call ‘Ultimate Data Machine’!”

Monica Chen, Cadreon’s SVP, National Programmatic Strategy and Service