Worldwide, high performance reverse geocoder.

Geographic Context

Translate latitude/longitude coordinates into corresponding city, neighborhood, state, and country- anywhere in the world. All place data returned is represented unambiguously so you can easily differentiate if a point is in Paris, Texas, US or Paris, France.

High Throughput at Speed

Complete 4k-6k queries per second using our AMI.

World Geographies

Factual provides the names and relationships of over 5MM geographies with translations in 19 languages, so it’s always clear what places you’re looking at. World Geography IDs are included in the Geotag response.

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Geotag Demo
Try out Geopulse Geotag by clicking anywhere on the map below.
Try out Geopulse Geotag by clicking on the map below.

“We chose Factual because we could easily integrate it into our existing API and found their services very fast and easy to use.”
— Marcelo Garcia, Database Administrator

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“We mainly chose Factual for ease of use. We pull in several million posts each day, which ends up being a lot of geodata to sift through. We found that Factual’s Geotag easily integrated into our existing API, so we could start translating lat/long data from these posts into meaningful places.”
— Lukas Prassinos, Head of Product

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