Better Audience Profiles

Are your users foodies, pet lovers, or business travelers? How often are they engaging with your competitors? Validate what you know about your users, discover what you don’t and refine your audience segments with real-world behavior.

Advanced Personalization

Enhance user experience with contextual push notifications when your users are “NEAR” or “AT” a restaurant, gym, movie theatre, or other key locations. Power automated and personalized actions like flight / hotel check-ins, ordering ahead and more.


Privacy First,

Never compromise your user’s privacy. On-device machine learning and processing means you and your users are always in control of their data

More Accurate Geofencing

Correlate a device’s location to places in the physical world using our proprietary Place Attachment technology, which is 12x better than traditional geofencing and more scalable than beacons

High- Quality
Places Data

Uses Factual’s proprietary Places dataset with 130MM+ global POIs, 475 categories, and 1,800+ retail chains, trusted by companies such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and more

Easy Implementation +
Pre-built Integrations

Implement Location Engine in less than 1 hour and leverage our pre-built integrations with analytics and mobile engagement platforms such as Braze, Segment, Urban Airship, and more

Trusted by over 70+ Publishers and our Platform Partners

Factual's Commitment to Privacy

Privacy, transparency, and consumer control are core to our mission and how we build products. Learn more at our privacy portal.