Meet Pilgrim SDK

As part of our merger with Foursquare, meet Pilgrim. Join the nearly 200K developers who are creating location-based experiences with our leading SDK.

Thank you for your interest in the Location Engine SDK. We have news that will no doubt accelerate your interest: we have merged with Foursquare. As a result, we are delighted to tell you about our superpower: Pilgrim. This location-based solution is now our core SDK offering. Pilgrim’s benefits that include:

  • “Here” (Geofences) and “near” (Snap-to-Place) for customized location targeting
  • User States – home/work, commute, and travel – for richer personalization
  • 17 SDK segments for user segmentation and engagement

With Pilgrim SDK, understand who your users are, where they go, and what their interests are—enabling you to engage them with contextually relevant and geo-aware content, and create true personalization at scale.