Make Data-Driven Decisions

Enable smarter, data-driven decision making and gain deeper customer insights by using location data to analyze consumer behaviors, track footfall, build profiles for specific geographic areas, and more.

Understand Customer Behavior

Get to know customers on a geographic level. Track and analyze customer footfall to make business decisions based on their real world patterns and behaviors.

Market Analysis

Understand the makeup of a geographical area by evaluating the surrounding points of interest. Determine attributes like walkability to public transportation, availability of coffee shops and restaurants, and more.

Data Cleansing

Normalize your existing data, remove duplicates, populate missing attributes, and map to Factual records with the same technology we use on our own data. Work with tools that are built for place data and significantly outperform unspecialized data cleaning software.

“With Factual data we’ve been able to augment the decision-making process for our Real Estate, Design, and Sales groups, helping us source the most relevant locations possible and design space that’s reflective of the actual needs of the businesses in the area.”

— Aaron Fritsch,

WeWork’s VP, Head of Product Systems & Operations


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