With the highest quality and most scalable location data, Factual has built a suite of solutions to help marketers, advertisers and agencies throughout the campaign lifecycle. From audience insights, to targeting and measurement, leverage location data for effective advertising.


Gain Unique Audience Insights

Take the guesswork out of how to reach your audience. Translate observations into actionable targeting strategies through in-depth analysis of your target audience and how they behave in the real world.

In-Depth Consumer Analysis

Improve your marketing strategy with unique insights about target consumers. Explore demographic characteristics and behavioral propensities, and discover the places, chains and business categories they frequent. Uncover differences between your customers and the general population, or those of your top competitors.

Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customer’s path to purchase, including the places they visit before a point of interest, and how long they stay at a target location. Inform your marketing strategy with insight into visitation patterns by time of day and day of week.

Inform Creative and Messaging

Leverage behavioral and demographic analysis to tailor campaign creative and messaging while delivering contextually relevant advertising to your target audiences.

“By partnering with Factual, Goodway has taken its ad targeting capabilities to the next level of precision. The ad campaigns we intend to create together will significantly move the probability needle toward the ultimate goal – purchasing by mobile users.”

— John Mellinger

Goodway’s Vice-President of Enterprise Partnerships

Build Targeted Audiences

Build customizable, highly-targeted audiences based on historical patterns or real-time behaviors. Deliver more relevant advertising by targeting new customers, engaging existing customers, influencing competitor’s consumers, and more.

Location-Based Audiences

The way people behave in the real world can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. Factual analyzes user location data so you can target users based on their real world behavior.


Reach the right users based on where they are in real-time with endlessly customizable geofencing. Easily design campaigns using attributes such as geography, category, brand, and targeting radius.


Define smarter, more customized audiences by combining your 1st-party CRM data with rich location-based data to deliver more relevant advertising across channels.


Expand your reach of location-based audiences with a retargeting strategy across screens and formats. Looking for unique reach? Leverage negative retargeting to suppress those previously reached location-based audiences.

Competitive Conquesting

Use location to keep your brand top of mind against competitors. Influence users with geofencing strategies around competitor locations or targeting audiences who have a history of visiting those locations.


Find location-based audiences across devices and formats for greater reach using real world, contextually relevant data. Expand across quality media including desktop, mobile web, tablet, video, display and social.

“We’ve built a great partnership with Factual over the last 3 years. With the addition of comprehensive and effective cross-screen measurement, it has evolved into what we now call BMW’s ‘Ultimate Data Machine’!”

— Monica Chen

Cadreon’s SVP, National Programmatic Strategy and Service

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Connect online marketing campaigns to offline results for measurement and attribution by using location data to understand more about what drives consumers to products and services.


Measure the effectiveness of your entire media buy, including mobile, desktop, video, search, and social. Gain unified insights into which channels drive better performance to inform future targeting.

A/B Testing

Compare and contrast performance by creative type, device or channel to determine what has the greatest impact on driving audiences to your location.

Campaign Optimization

Leverage real-time, comprehensive reporting to continuously monitor campaign performance. Easily adjust campaigns mid-flight to optimize the effectiveness of your strategy for driving in-store visits.

Measure Lift

Integrate in-store visitation data into campaign metrics to effectively measure the impact of your campaign on driving consumers to your locations. Define the control and exposed groups for lift analysis customized to your specific needs.

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