Location Data for Products & Apps

With the highest quality places data in market, Factual provides product and engineering teams with the tools needed to drive deeper context, greater personalization and enhanced features within their digital consumer products and mobile apps.


Search and Display
Location Data

Integrate location data to enable accurate location searches and capabilities such as exploring surrounding areas, finding specific businesses around a location or locating an exact address on a map.

Search Businesses and Points of Interest

Shape mobile location search experiences with quality places data. Provide users with up to date place information ensuring they can always find the point of interest they need.

Extended Attributes

Locations are more than a point on a map. Receive context on places through core attributes like address, hours of operation, category, and more, along with specific restaurant or hotel attributes like star rating, parking options, cuisine type or amenities.

Location Intelligence
for Mobile Apps

Define mobile app experiences with the power of location. Build highly personalized mobile app engagement based on context and increase user retention by engaging users based on location, time and behavior.

Personalize App Experience

Define the context of real world behaviors, with insights into activity, location and time, and craft unique and contextually relevant app user experiences.

Increase App Engagement

Build deeper engagements by prompting users in the right place at the right time.

Display Place Candidates

Get a candidate list of places that are around the device.

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