All the location data solutions for your enterprise in one place.

Companies use Factual in a variety of ways to make the most of their data.

Power mobile and web services

Factual provides location based context solutions within mobile, web, and server environments. Use location data to understand where users are in the real world and provide them with relevant experiences. For example, companies use Factual data to power their mapping, local search, navigation, messaging, and photo sharing applications.

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Expand market insight

Factual’s comprehensive and detailed place data is ideal to capture snapshots of local marketplaces. Easily survey businesses by category, geography, merchant chain, and extensive additional attributes for restaurants, hotels, and healthcare providers (such as cuisine type, price range, and more).

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Location data enrichment

Improve the comprehensiveness of your own business listing and point of interest data by populating missing places and attributes with Factual’s Global Places. Access data for millions of places in 50 countries, including attributes such as category, contact information, geo-coordinates, and even category-specific attributes such as restaurant cuisine.

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Data mapping and cleaning

Our data cleaning and entity resolution API maps your own places data to Factual IDs, making it easy to integrate Global Places data into your existing dataset.

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Factual for financial services

Get a handle on your own merchant data with tools developed expressly for cleaning and enriching place information. Normalize your data, identify and eliminate duplicates, enrich your master merchant database, and clean and structure payment card transaction data.

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Data for lead generation

Quickly and easily search phone numbers, emails, addresses, and more for any business. Businesses can be easily filtered by attributes like category and geography (from country down to neighborhood), so you can find exactly who you are looking for.

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“Factual far exceeded other companies on data quality and its capabilities to maintain and keep the data up to date.”
— Sandeep Garg, VP Product, Information and Analytics

Global Places, Extended Attributes
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“As a provider of customized energy analysis and advice, it’s paramount that we intimately know the parameters for each business… we use Factual data on restaurants to know exactly the cuisine type and open hours, so we can compare electric consumption for a sushi restaurant to that of another sushi restaurant.”
— Ilan Frank, Senior Director of Product Management

Global Places, Extended Attributes
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