Observation Graph

Unprecedented Understanding of Real World User Behavior

Observation Graph is a new way of understanding the real world behavior of mobile users.

Observation Graph, now in public beta, combines location data and sensor data from mobile devices with Factual’s digital understanding of the world to create discrete “observations” on mobile users.

Observations catalogue a wide range of behavior

  • Place based behavior including visitation to specific places, merchants, and chains.
  • Event attendance including concerts, sports, arts and more.
  • Activity detection including driving and walking.
  • User-specific places such as home and work.
  • Digital activity including apps used and device characteristics.
  • New types of observations can be added as more data becomes available.

Built with the best data

  • Built on Factual’s Global Places data — the best places data available in ad targeting.
  • User location data is validated by Factual’s Location Validation Stack to help ensure only precise and accurate location data is used for Observations.
  • Utilizes Factual's sophisticated Place Attachment methodology, found to be 33% more accurate than point-radius geofencing at determining what place users are.

Powering the next generation of Geopulse Audience

  • Highly flexible custom audiences: Create custom audience segments based on our extensive set of observations. Targeting capabilities will include criteria such as day of week and frequency of visits to specific locations and capabilities will grow as more observations are added.
  • Increased scalability: Using highly specific location criteria can sometimes yield small-scale audiences. Observation Graph can increase the scale of a campaign by finding the most similar users to a custom-defined audience.
  • Better quality: Combination of Global Places data, Location Validation Stack, and place-attachment offer advertisers market leading data quality.